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Acai PowderAshwagandha PowderRed Reishi PowderRaw Vanilla Beans
Goji BerriesThe Ejuva CleanseRaw LucumaRaw Vanilla Ground
Golden BerriesHimalayan Pink Sea SaltRaw Maca PowderSpectrum SuperFood Smoothie Mix
Blue-Green Algae "Cell Extract"MSM PowderRaw Yacon PowderAqua Purity
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Cacao Powder   
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Allergy SymptomsAphrodisiacCirculatory FunctionLower Cholesterol
Anti-CarcinogenicBeta GlucanDetoxificationMental Clarity
Anti-DepressantBioflavinoidsDigestive HealthMood Balance
Anti-InflammatoryBlood Pressure BalanceEnergy BoosterNervous System Function
Anti-ViralBlood Sugar BalanceHealthy Digestive SystemNutrient Absorption
AntibioticCalciumImmune BoosterPolysaccharides
AntihistamineCellular RegenerationIodineProtein Source
AntioxidantCholesterol BalanceJoint FunctionRadiation Protection
AntispasmodicCholesterol ReductionLow Glycemic 
  • The Healthiest Foods From The Purest Sources

    Our mission is to encourage an Organic, healthy lifestyle through the ingestion of mineral-rich, nutrient-dense foods. In turn, by consuming Raw Superfoods, we are producing abundant energy, stimulating growth, and maintaining life.

    We are proud to provide fair trade, organic, and sustainable products from indigenous farmers around the world. Our vision is of a world in which just and fair development are at the heart of trade among workers, communities, and consumers.

  • Luminescent News

    New reduced prices on our most popular mushrooms!
    We have reduced the prices of our best-selling mushrooms 20%! Our American-grown mushrooms contain no imported or impure filler materials that are often found in other comparable products. 100% USDA and EU Certified Organic, 100% Vegan, 100% pure with no fillers or other additives.